A woman in Washington state has been searching for a boy named Jake for the past week.  

Christina Reitz received this heartbreaking apology note--and spare cash--from Jake and his sister.  The note explains that they took wind chimes hanging by her door.  Jake went on to say that his sister liked the butterflies on the wind chimes because they reminded her of their mother, who recently passed away.

A search ensued after Christina Reitz posted the note and an inquiry on her Facebook page.  Reitz says she forgives Jake, and wants to give the kids their own wind chimes to remember their mother.  

Looks like the mystery may be solved, as Reitz has been contacted by a woman who says she is Jake's aunt.  The family is not revealing themselves to the media just yet, as sources say they are still grieving. 


Photo: Chrissy Marie/Facebook

Woman searches for boy stole from her...to give him a gift