#WhatsAwesome is the police officer who surprised a struggling mom with free groceries.

One woman was in court after being caught for shoplifting groceries  when a police officer surprised the mom with a random act of kindness. 

"Well  today I had a change in heart," Sheena Davenport wrote on Facebook.   "Today I went to court for shoplifting food from Walmart almost a year   ago. Me and Logan were struggling like no other and didn't know what to   do. Well today in court as I got my paperwork to leave I had an  officer  stop and tell me to wait for her outside. I proceeded outside  for her to  tell me to follow her, and we ended up at winndixi grocery  store.

"She told me to grab a buggy and lets go  shopping. Officer  Katrina spent 139$ on food for me, Logan McPherson and  Skylar. After  me telling her she didn't have to do it she started  telling me her  struggle and how she made it through... This world may be  jacked up  yall but there are still people out there to make a  difference. And  when my time comes I will pay it forward. 💙 thank you  again officer  Katrina at Dothan police department.