Thomas Rhett wasn't first to hear wife's pregnant

Thomas Rhett wasn't the first to find out his wife was pregnant! Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line's wife and Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren BOTH took pregnancy tests after feeling sick in Africa and Lauren's came out positive! The friends share the news with Tyler Hubbard and then ran to tell Thomas Rhett!

Lauren told People Magazine:
“We were in the middle of the Serengeti and Lauren was feeling sick, and  I was like, ‘Maybe you should get a pregnancy test?’ And she was like,  ‘Where am I going to find a pregnancy test in the middle of the wilderness?’ ”

“I was 100 percent sure I was not pregnant – because we were well into  the adoption process at this point and we were both like, ‘Let’s wait,  let’s give this adopted child his or her time with us and then we’ll  continue our family,” Lauren adds. “So I was convinced it was food  poisoning.”

“I wasn’t trying to be insensitive to my husband by doing the test  without him — I was so sure I wasn’t pregnant,” Lauren explains. “When  you’re there, you are supposed to keep a buddy with you at all times  because you are in the wild. So me and Hayley were together and I was  sure I was not pregnant.”

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