This Brett Eldredge song was an accident

Brett Eldredge's debut single from his third studio album 'Somethin' I'm Good At' almost didn't happen!

In a recent interview, Brett revealed, "Tom Douglas and I, who is my favorite songwriter in the world, were  writing  a ballad for, like, five hours. I said, “I can’t do any it  anymore.  I’ve got to get my head out of this space. We’re in the  darkest place  right now, and I’ve got to shake it up.” So I pick up a  guitar — which I  never do with Tom Douglas, because he’s an amazing  piano player — I  pick up a guitar, and I say, “Alright. We’ve gotta  write something in 30  minutes. We can’t overthink ourselves. We just  have to do it."

"I started strumming the song on the guitar. We just started coming up with these quirky lines, rhyming things in different ways, kind of telling my story of my personality, which is all over the place — just tried to give something that’s [about] embracing your faults and making them beautiful, embracing the randomness in my life, being clumsy and being okay with being clumsy, or whatever."

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