Jason Aldean reveals baby due date!

Jason Aldean and his wife are expecting a baby boy! Brittany answered a handful of questions in an Instagram post and even reveals the due date! 

Answers to frequently asked questions: Symptoms? No Morning  sickness, exhaustion during first trimester and awful skin (no one  warned me!!) No "pregnancy glow" here😏 Just amazing Highlighter! ✨ Due  Date? The Holidays💋 •Lil man is in the 95th percentile in size... and  weighing significantly more than the normal baby at this point👶🏼🍼  Starting on the nursery, today! Theme? Saving that to show y'all when  it's done😝 Name? Yes, but that's a surprise too💙 Georgia or Bama fan?  Depends which parent you ask 😳🏈

Being in the second half of my pregnancy journey🤰🏼and as an  eager mama waiting for her baby boy👶🏼 we can't help but think about  all the ways we can keep him safe. To help prep for baby's arrival we  have decided to bank our baby’s cord blood, cord tissue and placental  tissue. The advantages to banking his cord blood are endless. Cord blood  is used to treat over 80 diseases, including blood disorders, genetic  diseases, and some cancers🙌🏼 And with over 200 clinical trials  underway, there is no better time to invest in my baby’s future. To find  out more click the link in my bio to learn more with about banking your  baby’s cord blood! 💙👶🏼🍼 @americord



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