Brett Eldredge's strategy for turning women down

Brett Eldredge is becoming country music's most eligible bachelor. The heartthrob is releasing his self-titled third album on August 4 and says he wanted “to deliver something life-changing.”

In a recent interview published by the Tennessean, Brett says “You gotta be honest with where you are with love,” he said. “It does open another door to a lot of people coming up to  me and saying, ‘I think we’re meant to be together.’ I sing about wanting to find love … and I think a lot of people connect with that,  because half the people out there haven’t found it yet, either.”

“It’s about taking a trip around their life through conversation,” Eldredge said. “Put down your phone for a  minute and get lost in someone’s eyes.”

Brett even reveals how he handles being approached by women interested in dating him “I figured out a way to smile,” he said. “I never say anything negative.  I always figure out a positive way to get out of it. I don’t even know  how I do it until it actually happens. I think it’s kind of fun … pretty  gals walking up to me, you know? Knowing that I’m a single, bachelor  guy … there’s worse things.”



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