Luke uses a word never heard in a country song

Luke Bryan surprised fans with the first single from his next album. Titled "Light It Up," Luke sings about dating in the digital age, constantly checking phones, and communication in a relationship.

Luke co-wrote the track with Old Dominion's  Brad Tursi, who was the one that thought to use the word "neurotic" in the song... a word that has never been used in country lyrics before, according to Luke.

"I get so neurotic about it baby/ ‘Cause I know you’re  reading your phone/ I can’t help from going crazy/ Thinking you might  not be all alone/I wake up, I check it / I shower and I check it /I feel  the buzz in my truck/ And I almost wreck it/I always got it on me/ Just  in case you want me/ So, if you’re looking for my love / Then light it  up," Bryan sings on the song's chorus.



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