Jon Pardi fundraises for Hurricane Harvey victims

When Jon Pardi's  headlining "Lucky Tonight Tour" rolls into Houston on October 19, the  show will serve as a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims: 

(Jon Pardi) "We  got a show in Houston, and a big part of that show is gonna be a big  chunk of money to people, you know, Red Cross, maybe some of the animal  relief stuff like kind mixed up, so we can definitely give back because…It was funny, like, Houston still. We're  still selling tickets, like they're still like, 'We're gonna get over  this but we still want to see the concert,' you know so. We're supposed  to be at the House of Blues and I think that got some damage and we have not got the…But, I am told if we can’t have  it there we will have it somewhere."  



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