Woman searching for Chicago's "guardian angel"

#WhatsAwesome is a Texas woman searching for the person from Chicago who returned her lost wallet.

ABC 7 shared the photo of a box addressed to the "guardian angel" with the caption: A Texas woman is searching for the  "guardian angel" in Chicago who returned her lost wallet. Tiffany  Gilmore, of Dallas, was visiting nearly two weeks ago for the Chicago  Classic when she lost her wallet in the downtown area. The wallet  contained her identification, credit cards and money. On Tuesday,  Gilmore received a mystery box that the sender signed as "Guardian  Angel". Inside was her wallet containing her driver's license, her  credit cards, and even the cash. There was no return address on the box,  but the label said it came from "Chicago, IL 60654."Gilmore cried when  she opened the box and would love to personally thank her guardian  angel.



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