Blake Shelton reveals who inspired 'Turnin' Me On'

Blake Shelton reveals who his new song 'Turning' Me On' is about by and it's no surprise it's inspired by girlfriend Gwen Stefani!

"Turnin'  Me On" features a subtle reference to Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani with the lyric "She's Revlon red in the blackest night," a reference to Stefani's work with the Revlon cosmetics brand.

“I  was [on my bus] alone, and I had my guitar, started playing a little  melody that I was hearing in my head, and next thing you know, I started  writing a song. I wrote a verse, then I wrote a chorus, then I realized  it was going somewhere, and I felt good about it," Shelton says. "I’m  super proud of it -- and it’s not hard to figure out who this song is  about.”

Blake's album Texoma Shore is due out on Novemebr 3. 



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