Plaza Hotel offering 'Home Alone 2' package

To celebrate 25 years since the release of "Home Alone 2: Lost in New  York", the Plaza Hotel is offering a package that allows guests to live it up like Kevin McAllister, complete with an ice cream sundae just like Kevin had in the movie.

Rates start at $895, only slightly less than the $967 Kevin spent on room service during his stay.

"In-room and throughout the hotel a variety of experiences inspired by  Kevin's time over the holiday's here at The Plaza will come to life for  guests to enjoy," according to the hotel's website. "Beyond the in-room  experience, guests are invited to dine in the Todd English Food Hall to  taste-test a 90s inspired menu with upscale versions of childhood  favorites, or to head over to the interactive photo-experience where  they’ll find themselves in Kevin’s New York journey."



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