Mom wins $5 million lottery by mistake

#WhatsAwesome is a mother of 2 winning $5 million on a lottery ticket she purchased by mistake! Oksana Zaharov was shopping in Manhattan when she decided to buy a $1 scratch-off ticket. The clerk handed her a $10 "Set For Life" ticket by mistake.“When the clerk handed me the wrong ticket, I felt bad so I decided to just go ahead and buy it,” Zaharov said in a release from the New York Lottery. “I actually used the ticket as a bookmark for a couple of weeks before I decided to scratch it.”

With some good luck, she was surprised to discover that she had won and will now receive a minimum of a guaranteed $5 million over the course of 20 years.Zaharov plans to splurge on a big family vacation to the Bahamas and save money for her kid's education. 



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