23-year old gets dream tattoo after being rejected

#WhatsAwesome is a 23-year-old finally getting his dream tattoo after being turned away for being autistic. Northwest Inkorporated's Facebook page posted photos of Buzz and his new tattoo and shared the story of how other tattoo shops refused to work with Buzz."This is Buzz. Buzz is 23yo and has been diagnosed with autism. His parents have been looking around since August for a tattoo shop that would do his tattoo. After more than a few local shops turned them down, saying he didn't have the mind set to decide what he wants because of autism (he's been wanting Tommy for 5yrs), getting overpriced quotes and flat out told no they decided to check out my shop. Well guess what?! He sat like a rock, was positive all the way of what he wanted and finally got his dream tattoo! So be like Buzz and don't let them tell you "no" or "not possible", cause damn it, me and buzz?!, we did it! Pat Masga, Northwest Inkorporated, and me and Buzz way better than that you chumps!"



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