Maren Morris weighs in on 'Time's Up' movement

Maren Morris gave Mason, Remy and Alabama a call to talk about her latest album, finding roommates on Craigslist, and how she got to duet with Niall Horan! Plus, Maren weighs in on the Time's Up and Me Too women's movement!

When asked about the Me Too and Time's Up women's movement at the Golden Globes, Maren weighed in:
"I thought it was really moving and everyone's, you know, rightfully talking about Oprah's speech, which was incredible. Just seeing a way that she can command a room is really inspiring. I thought it was amazing. I thought it was really cool to see not only the women but the men getting in on it and taking a stand on something that has really affected the entertainment industry and affects, you know, not just them but the music industry and all walks of life honestly. So I think it was just a really beautiful statement everyone wearing wearing black. I think everyone looked stunning and the speeches all had a really common theme to them and it was done really appropriately."



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