New dads Hubbard, Rhett and Aldean plan play date

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard recently became a first time dad when he and his wife Hayley welcomed daughter Olivia into the world! Tyler shared a photo of his wife and baby with the caption ‚ÄúTalk about song inspiration." Mason, Remy and Alabama talked to Tyler over the summer in Wrigley after he found out they were expecting. Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean were also expecting babies at the time. "TR and I we say we're gonna go from rock and roll to rock and stroll through the park." "Jason Aldean's having a baby soon.. TR.. actually every time I turn around it seems like somebody's having a baby around the same time we are.. so we're actually just going to have a huge party."All three babies are born now so we are hoping these new dads will plan their play date soon! 



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