BIG listener helps unwanted dogs find loving homes


#WhatsAwesome is BIG 955 family member Sarah helping rescue dogs and puppies find forever homes!

Sarah send us a message saying: I am with a dog rescue in Illinois. We rescue unwanted dogs and puppies and rehome them into loving homes. They go into foster homes first because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit foster based rescue. Over the summer we have some very special pups born. The following link has their sweet story. If possible please share it. Thank you so much. We are hoping to find these 2 their forever home after they have worked so hard.

A Journey Home Dog Rescue shared a video of the puppies with their story:
In July of 2017, A Journey Home took in our sweet girl Molly. In early  August, Molly gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. However, around 3 weeks  after they were born, some troubling behavior was noticed from a couple  of the puppies. They were unable to sit up without stumbling, they were  not using their legs, and they were not thriving with their litter  mates. Euthanasia was suggested. Thankfully, A Journey Home had faith  and chose a different route. After the puppies were weaned, they were  moved into a "therapy foster home". Our angel foster mom Michelle took  these puppies in, and she literally changed their lives. She has spent  countless hours driving to and from appointments and performing therapy  with the pups to give them the best opportunity at life. Boy, has she  succeeded! With some research and time, these puppies were diagnosed  with what is known as neonatal cerebellar cortical degeneration or  "tumbling puppy syndrome." Thankfully, this disease is not fatal, and  they most definitely have a great quality of life. They run and move a  little differently than other dogs, but that is what makes them special.  Ginny and Dumbledore (J.D.) are ready for their permanent, forever  home, and we would love to see them go together. We know there is a  perfect family out there for these two that will give them the love and  encouragement that they so very much deserve. There is a quote that we  have used in reference to these puppies, and we just think it fits them  perfectly. It goes as follows: "A short time ago, we decided to have a  little faith in these puppies. That meant embracing the unique way they  were blooming. And even if it isn't the garden we imagined - it sure is  beautiful." Please - take some time to share this post. Thank you. A Journey Home Dog Rescue. 

 A special thank you to Sammi with Fine Detailed Photography for putting  this video together for us out of the generosity of her heart. We are  so grateful.



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