Can you spot Sam Hunt's brother in this video?

Sam Hunt will join Luke Bryan for his What Makes You Country Tour  but there's another member of the Hunt family that goes back further  with Luke.

Sam's brother can be seen in Luke's 2007 video for 'All My  Friends Say'!

"I discovered Luke's music several years ago when  I was in college,"  Sam explains in a recent interview. "I came home one weekend and walked  in the house, and  everybody was gathered around the TV. My mom said,  'Hey, come over here,  come over here! Your brother's in a country music  video.' And it was an  artist named Luke Bryan. He had a song called  'All My Friends Say' and they recorded this video at my brother's  fraternity house.”

"We were all wound up and excited, because we  got to see 2.5 seconds  of the back of my brother's head in this Luke  Bryan video," Sam  continues. "So, needless to say, myself and all the  folks back home are  excited about this tour."

Maybe Sam Hunt's brother will come to town when Sam and Luke stop in Chicago to play Wrigley Field this summer!



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