Dad hides $20 bills for heartwarming reason

#WhatsAwesome is a dad who hides $20 bills around his daughter's house every time he goes to visit! Imgur user Somebodysmama says that her father first started hiding the cash after he tried to give  it to her as a thank you for making dinner, but she refused to accept the money. Since then, she stumbles across $20 in random places that her dad leaves behind whenever he visits.

The user adds that her dad worked extremely hard when they were young.  “We never did without, but we were quite poor,” she says. “I remember  he tried to buy me some gifts for my high school graduation, but his credit card was declined.

“He now makes double what he used to, and spoils all of us  ridiculously,” she added. “His heart is so huge and kind. He’s also a  hopeless romantic. The Hallmark Channel is always playing on his  television. He’s amazing.”



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