Country dads react to their wives' breast milk

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley recently welcomed their first daughter... just like many other new dads, Tyler tried his wife's breast milk!

Mason, Remy and Alabama asked new dads Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett if they would ever try breast milk.

Brantley Gilbert responded with, "I might do it if it was straight from the source!" He continued, "You gotta wait six weeks to "do it"... that would be a little action. Yea, I'd do it!"

Thomas Rhett reacted to hearing that Remy tried his wife's breast milk saying, “How did it taste? Did you mix it with vodka?” He continued, “Oh my gosh… I would never do that, I don’t think… ever”

And in case you missed it, Remy chugged an entire bottle of his wife's breast milk live on air! Relive the moment below. 



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