Teacher lets students fill her dress with artwork

#WhatsAwesome is a school teacher letting her students fill her white dress with their artwork!

Haley Curfman shared a photo to her social media with the caption:  It's the second year in a row I've brought a white dress to school and my  students have filled it with their artwork. This is one of my favorite  things to do in my class! #thewearyteacher This is something I'd seen on Pinterest a few years ago and I fell in  love with the idea. I think every teacher should do this! It's a great  project and an even better keepsake.

UPDATE: Because I can’t get caught  up on all the comments. I bought the dress off Amazon for less than $20  about 6 mos. ago. It’s cotton/Spandex. I got last year’s dress from  Amazon too; it’s a little different more of a cotton/poly blend, both  worked great. I pre-washed the dresses before we started. I used fabric  markers from Walmart. The markers say you can wash, but not sure I’ll  attempt. I usually wear the dress for a class party when finished, and  then put it on display. To do the project, I set up a station at a table  with the dress, markers and piece of cardboard to put between the  fabric. It takes anywhere from 2 wks. to a month to complete, as we just  work on it here and there when time allows. Also, it’s been pointed out  that this idea has been around way longer than Pinterest, lol. Teachers  have been sharing their dresses, aprons, quilts, t-shirts, etc. with me  that they’ve been creating since the 1950’s with the same concept.  Which is awesome, and I love that you are sharing them with me! Thank  you all so much for your kindness and support!


Photo: Facebook / Haley Curfman


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