Dustin Lynch reveals why he wiped his Instagram clean

Mason caught up with Dustin Lynch before he played the Weekend Warrior Tour in Chicago and revealed why he deleted all photos off his Instagram! Plus, he talked about new music and The Ninja Turtles!

When asked about swiping his Instagram clean, Dustin Lynch replied, "Over the past few years, everything that we’ve put out has been super polished and manufactured in a way. It’s all been great. It’s been legit stuff. But I realized man I don’t really put a lot out there of the every life and conversations we have because it’s a pretty ridiculous life we live and we end up, you know, talking about this or that … so this new chapter of posts on Instagram and elsewhere is something that we just were talking about…like let’s just go for it, let’s put it all out there… and if we offend somebody, maybe they need to be offended. I don’t know. So instead of filtering everything and making it all about the show and what not, it’s more about everyday life and behind the scenes. And I’m talking about, coming up, I’m talking about some subjects that, you know, dig deep on people. And it’s good. It’s good stuff. “



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