Bullied student gets positive support from social media

A bullied student has been receiving an outpour of positive support  from social media after her mother's post went viral.

Aimee Johnson  posted a photo of her crying daughter on Facebook and shared details of  bullying that happened on the bus. The post has generated thousands of  likes and hundreds of positive comments of inspiration along with other personal stories. Social media users are thanking the Kansas mom for  calling attention to the important issue.

Aimee's post reads:  This is NOT ok! My daughter has been bullied on the bus since we moved   to Louisburg, continuously by the same 3 little boys. This is the 3rd   time physical violence has happened to her in 4 months. I’m done! This   time her water bottle was taken from her and they hit her upside the   head with it! Called her “ugly” and “dumb”. The first two times I was   told that the cameras were pulled and the act was seen by the bus   department and the principal and that action by the principal would be   taken.. never was! I was told by the child who did this to her it   wasn’t. This is the 3rd time! I contacted the bus department extremely   angry, and told them that action WILL be taken this time! They went on   to tell me that it was the last time! Lies! I was told it wasn’t! My   daughter does not deserve this at 9 years old by 4th and 5th grade  boys!  Teach your sons not to hit women! Done!

 This right here is  the  reason we see so many young girls committing suicide! They are  bullied!  I’m not going to let this happen to my child again! Louisburg  needs to  step up and stop this right now! If not, I’m contacting the  local news  channels and will make sure my daughter gets Justice!


Facebook: Aimee Johnson


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