Blake Shelton meets 8-year-old cancer survivor from IL

#WhatsAwesome is Blake Shelton keeping his promise to an 8-year-old fan!  Last December, Blake Shelton promised a young cancer survivor, Sammy  Hodgett, they would hang out when he was near his small Illinois town.  Now, Sammy smiled from ear to ear as he read a concert invitation from  Blake's team!

Sammy was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic  Leukemia three years ago, and had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat  again after being in a coma for nearly six  weeks.

Sammy's father Mike wrote a letter to CMT:

Dear Mr. Shelton,

It  is difficult to find the words to express how thankful we are for   everything that you have done. Sammy has been smiling non-stop ever   since the concert last weekend. Every morning he asks if we get to go   see Blake again today.  You have made a huge impact in  his life! It is wonderful to have  something so amazingly good happen  to him after the extremely long and  difficult road he has traveled over  the past three years. My wife and I  were beyond excited to find out  that we were all going to be able to go  to the concert as a family. The  meet-and-greet, backstage tour and floor  seats were a  once-in-a-lifetime moment for all of us. It was some  much-needed,  relaxing family time. It was the first time since his  diagnosis that we  were able to concentrate on being together, having fun  and listening  to great music, instead of the doctor appointments,  hospital stays and  chemotherapy sessions that have become our new  normal. Blake,  you have given Sammy such a wonderful experience and gift that  we know  he will remember forever. I am indebted to you, sir. Thank you  from  the bottom of our hearts. 

God bless you.

Respectfully,Mike and Becky Hodgett



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