Whats in Alabama's Surgery Survival Kit?

Alabama is preparing for her surgery next week to have a fibroid (a type of tumor) from her uterus and she's started to put together a 'surgery swag bag' to keep her and her friends comfortable and entertained while spending a day at the hospital (because lets face it, hospitals can be scary and just flat out no fun)... here's some of the things she's added to her bag... what would you ad to it? You can always comment your suggestions or email what you think would be a good addition to the bag! 

1. A uterus plush pillow that is the perfect size for after surgery if you have a cough or sneeze and need to squeeze it for comfort... or just a good cuddle to give yourself a laugh while learning about your own anatomy. You can find your own HERE


2. TOMS slippers! They are so comfy and perfect for the cold hospital floors when you have to get up and walk around and not only that but TOMS is super cool because every time you purchase something a portion of that goes to giving back to people in need. You can get a pair HERE


3. Uterus T-shirts! These are perfect to hand out to your support team (if they dare) to wear it when you're on your way to or waking up from surgery! There are plenty to choose from HERE.


4. Games! You're going to be waiting around a lot and more than likely surrounded by friends there to support you... this is the perfect time to bond over a fun game or two with everyone! HERE are some of Alabama's favorite games. 



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