Chris Janson talks about death with his children

Chris Janson gave Mason, Remy and Alabama a call to talk about his number one songs, being inducted into the Opry, and how he celebrated his kid's birthday!

When asked about his biggest fear, Chris Janson responded, "I don't fear anything, man. I don't fear nothing. If you fear in this life, why fear? You don't need to fear. Nobody needs to fear nothing. Humans... nothing at all. There's nothing to be afraid of. Here's the bottom line, if you're born, you're gonna die. You're gonna die at some point. What's there to be afraid of."

Alabama asked Janson if he gives the same advice to his 4-year-old.

He responded, "I mean... Of course we don't just put it brash out there to a kid like that, just like that, but I'm saying, you gotta be real with them too. Because life is real, and it's real short.  ...And we need to enjoy every single minute of the day, so there's no time to fear anything."



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