Chicago's St. Patrick's Day police scanner

Mason and Remy read the police blotter after Chicago celebrated St. Patrick's Day! See the full list of calls HERE.

10:12 AM — Dearborn and Randolph. People are climbing on the CTA bus.

11:32 AM — CTA says people are throwing beads at passing trains. 900 block of Wellington.

11:42 AM — “They’re throwing bottles by the Channel 7 van.”

12:44 PM — EMS rolling for a 15-year-old male who’s passed out drunk. Jackson/Wabash.

2:27 PM — Lakeview. 2900 block of North Sheffield. “The condo  president is receiving calls from tenants about a disruptive party.  There’s underage drinking, public urination, marijuana smoking,  destruction of property and much more.”

3:24 PM — “Getting a call of a disturbance at Sheffield and  Wolfram. Anonymous caller says two females are trying to make out in  front of him. Caller says he’ll be out front waiting for the police.”

4:42 PM — State and Illinois. “We got a female white who fell  and hit her face on a pole.” Dispatcher: “Oh, my! Is she intoxicated?”

6:24 PM — 900 block of Fletcher: Male in a jacket and jeans. “He’s drinking, smoking, and taking pleasures with himself.”

6:44 PM — “Caller says the male is dancing on a table at Roy’s, urinating on the side of the restaurant.” 



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