Crystal Lake 6-year-old is finalist for gown competition

#WhatsAwesome is 6-year-old Jack of Crystal Lake being a finalist in the Starlight Children's Foundation Design-A-Gown contest.

Jack's mom Lauren wrote to us saying: In February, Jack and mom (Lauren) sat  down to design a hospital gown. We read that for every submission one of  the charity's sponsors would donate a gown to a hospitalized child.  Win/win for us!  Jack loves arts and crafts AND some child somewhere in  some hospital would get a hospital gown because we had fun with and  glitter! Never did we expect that Jack's gown would be one of THREE  FINALISTS out of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of entries. How great would it  be if Everly (Jack's baby sister) could wear a gown designed by her  brother for open heart surgery #3 in a few months? Starlight sent a crew  out from California to meet us! They got all the necessary vaccinations  and scrubbed into the house. What a neat experience!

Voting is from March 21-April 4 at

More info on Jake HERE.


Photo: Facebook / Jack and Everly


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