Alabama shares updates on her surgery

Alabama has been recovering after having a fibroid removed. She is in good spirits and on the road to recovery. She shared updates on her social media pages:

Surgery recovery day 7: I’m still  pretty banged up, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through!  This bruise was no where near a cut but just goes to show how much my  body did go through. I’m still super swollen but I still lost 2lbs this  week so that’s my guess on how much the tumor weighed! Celebrating tiny  victories each day and today I was actually able to pick up something I  dropped on the floor! I’ll never take bending over for granted again!  Heavy doors are still my arch enemy at the moment... I can’t really open  those yet... #BamaDoesSurgery #TumorRecovery #WhenCanIGoBackToTheGym


Listen to why Alabama needed surgery below:



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