Teen taking driving exam crashes into test building

A Minnesota teen taking her driver's test crashed into a building before she even got on the road. The 17-year-old put the car in drive instead of reverse at the start of the test. The driver was not hurt, but a woman inside the building suffered non-critical injuries.

The Buffalo Police Department shared a photo of the accident.

NEWS RELEASE REGARDING CRASH ON 03/21/2018****At approximately 2:00  PM on 03/21/2018 the Buffalo Police Department responded to report of a  motor vehicle crashing into a building in the 10 block of 1st Ave S.  Investigation into the incident revealed that a 17 year old female from  Monticello, MN, was in the process of taking her road test at the  driver's license exam station located there when she inadvertently put  the vehicle in drive instead of reverse. This led to the vehicle  lurching forward when she accelerated, causing the vehicle to move  forward and over the curb, striking the building housing the exam  station office. The impact caused significant damage to the vehicle and  building. The license examiner, a 60 year old female from Buffalo, MN,  was transported by ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital with non-life  threatening injuries. The 17 year old driver was not injured and no one  in the building was injured. No charges are pending.


Photo: Facebook / Buffalo Police Department


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