Alabama is back to work after having surgery!

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Alabama is back after having surgery to remove a massive fibroid from her uterus. She fills us in on the entire process, her recovery, and what it's like to be back at work!

Welcome back @alabamaradio!!

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Surgery recovery day 7: I’m still pretty banged up, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through! This bruise was no where near a cut but just goes to show how much my body did go through. I’m still super swollen but I still lost 2lbs this week so that’s my guess on how much the tumor weighed! Celebrating tiny victories each day and today I was actually able to pick up something I dropped on the floor! I’ll never take bending over for granted again! Heavy doors are still my arch enemy at the moment... I can’t really open those yet... #BamaDoesSurgery #TumorRecovery #WhenCanIGoBackToTheGym

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Well... I thought I had made it through the hardest part (actually taking a shower)... but then I laid on my bed and it turned into quicksand.... I don’t think I’ll make it to the hair dryer... #BamaDoesSurgery #TumorRecovery #NoMakeup

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This guy has been by me the whole time I’ve been recovering. It’s amazing to me how pets really do know when something is wrong

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Wow... I’ve been really struggling so hard the past few months with all of this medical stuff and surgery coming up in two days has had me on edge more than anything... I didn’t know who sent these when I picked them up and still got teary eyed on the elevator back up to my apartment at just knowing that I’m cared about and then I opened the card and just lost it... I could not have thought of anything I needed more to hear in this particular moment. Sometimes we forget that we are not alone in our toughest moments and then people pull through to show you that you don’t have to be alone. Thank you so much for sending these, this meant so much to me today.

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Here we go! 😫 thanks everyone for the support... I’ll see y’all when I wake up.

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This is a pretty bad picture of how swollen I was from surgery. I’m still not back to normal size but doing much better. Thank you @onairjrdn for surprising me with my favorite stuffed animal when I woke up from surgery. (Yes I’m 12 and still sleep with stuffed animals) 😂 I got up three times by myself today which is a HUGE accomplishment after this surgery. Also thank you @onairwithemily for helping me out this morning. This surgery was really hard.

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