Maren shares heartfelt post after 1 week of marriage

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are relationship goals! They couple tied the knot in March and have been enjoying their honeymoon in Bora Bora. After their wedding, Ryan released the song "Diamonds and Twine" and he now released the music video. Of course, the video centers around his new bride!

Maren also shared a heartfelt post about Ryan saying: It is a miracle that I  am awake right now before you, so I’ll write this quick. I remember the day I first saw you and how painfully attractive you were. Yes, I’m  shallow, but it’s true. We wrote a song Tim McGraw later recorded, had  lunch at Mojo, and that’s when I got to know you. You were kind and told  the first of many Dad jokes I’d come to hear over the years. Then a bee  flew up your shirt and your reflexes were so quick and hilarious, I  tried to stifle a laugh. That was 5 years ago and the universe had its  plan to make us wait, but wait we did, and now I feel like I’m the  luckiest human to be yours. I don’t think we really abide by the whole  “soulmate” concept, because you don’t complete me and I don’t complete  you. We are whole. But know this... you amplify me. You never try to  water me down or extinguish my fire to be myself. You just love me. I  promise to love you. We made it one whole week of marriage, and we  haven’t called it quits, so that’s something to celebrate. Now wake up,  and let’s go have a drink before noon in this beautiful place to  celebrate your music video being out. I love you, @ryanhurd



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