Remy is raising money to find a cure for MS

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Remy is raising money to help find a cure for MS. His wife, Lauren, was diagnosed with MS in May of 2014. Remy set an ambitious goal of $25,000  and is asking for your support in helping find a cure.

Remy writes:
My happy, healthy, energetic wife was diagnosed with MS in May of 2014.

To say we were a bit surprised with the diagnosis was an  understatement. Would we still be able to have a family?  Was this going  to affect everyday life?

After countless rounds of testing and MRI's, my wife Lauren was  diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2014.  The testing revealed  several lesions on her spinal cord and brain stem from past  exacerbations. It was scary to think that she probably had and felt the  effects of MS years before the diagnosis.  She remembers bouts of  vertigo and headaches in her early 20's.  As a ballet dancer, she didn't  think much of it.  Odd pain and muscle soreness was a part of the  gig.  

Thankfully, it's not progressing and after 2 healthy children, she is  on a regular medication regimine.  Her symptoms include some hot/cold  sensitivity and numbness in her extremities from time to time.  While  her case is not severe, others cannot say the same.  In some instances,  the disease is VERY progressive and moves quickly through the body.

We're so close to a cure.  The money you donate will go to the education and progression of MS research.

From our family to yours, thank you!

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