Valparaiso teen buys every cupcake after being fat shamed

A teen was purchasing cupcakes at Designer Desserts in Valparaiso, Indiana, because they were having a sale. The customer, Vega Blossom, then explained how another lady in line behind her fat shamed her by saying ..."now let’s hope this fat ***** doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.”

Out of spite, Vega purchased every last cupcake!

“I SPENT $54 ON CUPCAKES JUST TO BE A *****. HAPPY EASTER,” Vega wrote on Facebook. Her post went viral and has been shared over 27K times.

When Designer Desserts say the post, they responded that their bakery is a “BULLY FREE ZONE” and they “WILL NOT TOLERATE these disgusting types of attitudes."

Vega explains the story on her Facebook, and then shared a special delivery to her from Designer Desserts!



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