Diver Finds Lost Phone in Arizona, Gets It Back Owner in Florida

If you've worried that there might not be good people out there any more, worry no more! Dallas Rowley is proof that there are some kind, good-hearted people out there!

Dallas loves diving for lost treasure, and one of his hunting grounds is the Salt River in Arizona. He typically finds things lost and left behind by tourists who go on tubing adventures: sunglasses, jewelry, etc. However, on a recent adventure, he found something much more valuable... Dallas found a brand new iPhone X, with a price tag of $1,000. 

Dallas let the phone dry out for three days, then turned it on and it WORKED! He tracked down Allysa King, the owner, who dropped the phone while tubing on vacation. King is especially thankful because she had all her daughter’s baby photos and videos stored on the phone.



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