Sisters Send Balloons to Dad in Heaven, Reach a Real Angel on Earth!

This good-news-story is exactly what we all need to get through another Monday! 

Two sisters in Texas recently released a balloon into the sky in memory of their late father on his birthday. They wrote him letters, telling him how much they loved and missed him, in hopes they would get to him in heaven. Gypsy, 7, and Story Retting, 6, suffered the tragic loss of their dad last year, and they rely on their mother's strength to get through.

The letters didn't quote make it to heaven... But they did reach a real life angel here on Earth.

They landed in the yard of Lance Dunahoe, four miles away. Lance (great name by the way!) tracked down the family and learned of their hardships. He set up a Go Fund Me account for the family and has already raised over $11,000 for them!



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