17-Month-Old Nearly Drowns After Sneaking Into Above Ground Pool

You might think your little ones are safer from pool danger if you have an above ground pool...

Think again.

In just a matter of seconds, this 2-year-old and 17-month-old snuck out of the house, into the backyard, climbed the ladder, and jump into the pool. Neither knew how to swim, but by some miracle the 2-year-old was able to get himself out of the pool and get help for his cousin, who was drowning.

Home security cameras captured the entire nightmare, and you can see for yourself just how easy it was for these little tots to get in the pool. Their parents were shocked; they had no idea they were capable of this.

It's an absolute miracle that these women knew CPR and were able to save the baby's life. 

PLEASE, PLEASE safeguard your children from backyard pool danger this summer! Check out this post about keeping your kids safe.




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