Woman Questioned in Attempted Kidnapping of Toddler in the West Loop

Chicago police questioned a person of interest in the attempted kidnapping of a toddler in the West Loop.

On Monday evening at the Greyhound bus station, a 2-year-old boy was taken from the station just before 7 p.m. Witnesses said the mother screamed in panic when she realized her son was gone.

"What I saw was a lady running out, looking for her baby. She was like, 'Argh! I can't find my baby! My baby is gone! Somebody took my baby! She got in the police car. They drove around looking for the baby," said Yureka Coleman, a witness, to ABC 7 Chicago

According to witnesses, the mother may have gone for a smoke break, while leaving her son in his stroller, in the care of another woman. When the mother returned, her son and the woman were gone. 

"She's screaming, yelling, yelling at everybody for help. The baggage agent went to help her and I was just calling 911. When she came back, I gave her my phone." said Linas Viscius, a security guard.

Fortunately, boy and the woman, who is now being questioned by police, were found a couple blocks away, near the Clinton CTA Blue Line stop.

The toddler was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital for evaluation.

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