Try This Mom's Trick on Your Next Sunburn

There's nothing worse than getting a bad sunburn in the middle of summer! I have pretty fair skin, so I load up on the sunblock. But still, every now and then I'll underestimate my time in the sun and end up with a burn.

This mom says she's discovered a great hack for healing sunburn FAST! In this now-viral video, she says to slap on some shaving cream. "I burn, then do the shaving cream and then the next day, it's usually gone," said Cindie Allen-Stewart. 

Dermatologist Ross Radusky explains how the simple trick works. "If you look at the ingredients, it's really a great moisturizer," he said. 

Some other ways to treat a painful sunburn:

  1. A cool bath with baking soda
  2. Ice packs
  3. Stay hydrated

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