Neighbor Calls the Cops on Kids Cutting Grass

When I was a kid, the best way to earn some extra cash in the summer was by offering to cut the lawns in my neighborhood. But nowadays it seems like people are so uptight, you can't breathe without someone calling the cops!

These kids in Ohio were doing just that-- trying to earn some money cutting grass, when their operation was stopped by an angry neighbor. Lucille Holt says she hired the kids to mow her lawn when they accidentally cut some grass that was technically on her next door neighbor's property. The neighbor called the police to intervene. 

But their neighborhood is rallying around the young entrepreneurs! A local landscaping company heard about the story donated some equipment to the kids, and a GoFundMe has already raised over $30,000 for them! Looks like they're going to have a great summer, and get the last laugh!



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