Instagram Model Gets Bitten by Shark During Photoshoot

It's not nice to laugh at someone's pain. I get that.

But... If you're lounging in a nest of sharks to try to get a great picture, what do you expect to happen?!

Instagram Model Katarina Zarutskie was on vacation in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family when she posed with a huge group of sharks for her Instagram page. Suddenly, a shark sinks its teeth into her arm and drags her underwater. After a quick, though I'm sure terrifying, struggle, Katarina was able to free herself. β€œIt was a very scary experience,” she said. β€œI was pulled underwater for 8 seconds.”


She posted photos of the bite to Instagram, of course, with a caption that said "PSA: Sharks are cute and can nibble at times if not careful."

Scroll through the photos here:


So in conclusion, some photos are not worth taking, no matter how many followers you have!


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