'Secret Shopper' Scam Hits the Chicago Suburbs

Attention shoppers! Scam artists in aisle three!

Police are warning of a shopping scam that's recently hit our area, specifically targeting residents in Palos Park.

Here's how the scam works: people receive a letter that says they've been selected to be a "mystery shopper" or "secret shopper." The letter comes with the check, instructing them to deposit it, then wire some of the money back to the company while keeping the rest of the money as payment and to shop, according to Palos Park police.

Though the checks may appear legitimate at the time of deposit, they later bounce. The person who received the check is then left responsible for the money wired, police said.

If you have a neighbor or family member who is likely to fall for a scam like this, please be on high alert for them! Let them know what's going on, and call the Palos Park police or contact the U.S. Postal Service if they receive any suspicious mail.



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