FREE FRENCH FRIES at McDonald's for the Rest of the Year!

I don't care what anyone says. McDonald's has the BEST french fries of all the fast food brands. Hands-down, no contest, their fresh, hot, salty fries are the best out there! I could eat them every single day! And now, there's even more incentive...

FREE McDonald's French Fries for the rest of the year?! YES! Well, kind of. Of course there's a catch, but it's still a sweet deal!

Every Friday from now until December 30, you can get an order of medium fries for free. But, in order to get your free fries, you must download the McDonald's app to get the coupon, and you have to make a purchase of at least one dollar. 

For $1 at McDonalds you can get:

  • A cheeseburger
  • A McChicken
  • A sausage burrito
  • Any size soft drink

So for just ONE DOLLAR you could get a burger and a medium fries! That's a STEAL!



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