The Truth Behind the Man Snatching a Baseball at the Cubs Game

When I saw this video on Twitter of a man snatching a ball that was CLEARLY meant for this little boy at a Cubs game, it made my blood boil!

But it turns out, there's more to the story than anyone thought...

Cubs fans who were at the game say that man had already caught a ball and given it to that little boy. In fact, he caught three balls and gave them all away to kids in the stands! He doesn't look quite so horrible now, does he?

Now a lot of folks are still saying that this ball was CLEARLY meant to be given to the little boy, and therefore the guy is still in the wrong for taking it, and I see what they mean too! The man didn't really "catch" this ball. The kid dropped it, and the guy picked it up and kept it.

What do you think??



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