How to Stay Safe on Dating Apps

49 Million Americans are now using dozens of different taking apps and websites. But there's still a danger involved in the process.

Just recently, the arrest of Danueal Drayton, 27, has reminded people using these apps of the potential dangers. Drayton is accused of murdering a New York nurse he met on Tinder and trying to kill another woman in California. 

Dating expert Cher Gopman has some tips on how to protect yourself. She advised asking a date for their last name “so you can do one of the free public background checkers."

Personally, I have gone as a secret spy for a friend who was meeting a guy she met online. I sat at the end of the bar for their 2-hour date, just keeping an eye on things. I was happy to do it! Plus, she paid for my drinks! Win-win. 



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