WATCH: Chicago Child's Sudden Behavioral Changes After Common Illness

Alexia Baier was a typical, happy 4-year-old outside Chicago. She loved school, playing with her big sister, and all the normal things a 4-year-old does!

But one winter, Alexia came down with strep throat. She was treated and the strep went away, but there were sudden and drastic changes in her personality. She became volatile overnight. Alexia was violent, throwing hours-long tantrums and destroying everything in her path. She was endangering other children at school and even her family's safety.

The small child began to threaten to kill her family, and herself. Her parents were terrified and desperate for answers. 

According to doctors, some strains of strep can trigger the wrong immune response in some children which results in horrific behavioral changes-- defiance, violence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. 



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