Modern Day Brady Bunch: 2 Divorced Couples, 6 Children All Living Together

This is really cool! Meet the modern day Brady Bunch family! This blended family of 10 people consists of two sets of parents and six children all living under one roof. 

Katie and Stephen used to be married. After they divorced, Katie got remarried Ben. Stephen moved on, too, and is now dating Brandy. 

In 2016, Katie and Ben, who were raising four children, heard that Stephen was in a bad car accident, which is when they got the idea of all living together. Katie opened her home to her ex and Brandy, who moved in with two children of her own.

Now the family of 10 is happier than ever! There's always a parent to help out and financially, it's easier to raise the kids with four incomes. Makes sense to me! 

Kudos to these parents for all coming together for the sake of their kids and making a new kind of family!



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