Michigan 911 Operator Refused to Send Help for Baby Locked in Hot Car

“We don't unlock vehicles." 

That's all a 911 operator in Michigan had to say to a frantic grandmother when she called 911 because her infant granddaughter was locked in a vehicle on a hot day.

Lucy Guyton accidentally locked her daughter, and her keys, inside her minivan. She immediately began trying her hardest to break into the vehicle, while watching her daughter scream and panic. “I grabbed a piece of asphalt and started banging, but it would not break,” Lacy said. She was with her grandmother, Mary Riley, who called 911. 

After explaining the situation to the 911 operator, the operator refused to send help, saying that police don't open locked vehicles. 

Eventually, Lucy managed to break into the vehicle and rescue her baby before she suffered any major medical issues. But WHAT THE HECK?! 



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