Mom Gave Birth in Moving Car While Dad Drove and Videotaped the Birth

WHOA. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I see this video. 

The second thing... WHY?

Alexis Swinney was at home when she went into labor with baby number five, so the whole family climbed in the car and headed for the hospital. The kids in the backseat couldn't believe what was happening... As mom gave birth right there!

It was a short 10-minute drive to the hospital, but with just a mile to go, mom’s water broke. She told her husband to record it all on his phone. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the phone in his other hand. Their newborn, little Corbyn Hope, was born right there in the passenger seat while dad continued to drive to the hospital.

Now obviously, as a man, I've never given birth (Thank God). So maybe one of you ladies can explain this whole thing to me a little better. Why in the world wouldn't they have just pulled over?! That baby was COMING, there's no way they were going to make it to the hospital as you can see from the video. Wouldn't it have been better to deliver with the car in park?




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