Get Your House Winter-Ready With This DIY Entryway Boot Station

Some folks around here LIVE for the stunning Chicago summers. Others just LOVE the winter and snow! But if there's one thing we Chicagoans can all agree on, it's that winter here is WET. From autumn rain to snow from November (...some years October!) all the way through May, it's a wet place to live!

For those of us who don't have a porch or a mudroom, fall, winter, and spring can be tricky! You've got to find a way to keep the water contained at the front door and keep your floors from getting soaked day in and day out.

Usually I just keep a couple of old beach or bath towels right by my front door. Not the most inviting look, but they get the job done!

However after seeing this EASY DIY entryway boot station, I'm going to change it up for this winter! This doesn't take up much room, and it takes even less effort to pull off.



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