Wisconsin Brewery Debuts Candy Corn-Flavored Beer

Candy corn is one of those things that can REALLY divide people... It seems like you either absolutely love it, or wouldn't eat it if it were the last thing on Earth! Well, one brewery in Wisconsin wants to see just how many candy-corn lovers are out there... And how many of them are beer-lovers too!

Westallion Brewing Company in West Allis, WI has released a candy corn cream ale. According to the brewery's Facebook post, the idea stemmed from a desire to discover what the candy would taste like as a nice frothy beverage. Clearly this was the idea of a candy corn enthusiast. 

The brewery did not simply put the candy into a cream ale, but rather made their own candy corn from scratch and used beer ingredients in them before adding them to the drink. 

Thoughts? I would give it a try! And while I was at it, I'd try their peanut butter porter, too!



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